Setup a nice looking WSL terminal on Win 10

WSL ( Windows Subsystem for Linux ) is a very nice and good practice environment on Windows 10 for people who would like to taste a bit of linux system and bash…etc you could turn on the feature and install the supported Linux you like. currently supported Linux as follow:

Ubuntu 18.04
Ubuntu 18.04 ARM
Ubuntu 16.04
Debian GNU/Linux
Kali Linux

You could download and install them from Windows App store or download them manually from :

1. Turn on Windows Subsystem for Linux feature on Windows 10

2. Download wsl-terminal (, follow up the “Usage” section to install and setup terminal.

3. Install zsh –> sudo apt-get install zsh

4. install Oh-my-zsh

curl -L | sh

5. change zsh theme ( nano ~/.zshrc )

6. Download and install Fonts (DejaVuSansMono for Powerline )

7. modify wsl-terminal option –> right click title bar on wsl-terminal and click “option”. It will then pop up and option windows for users. you could change the font and theme you like.

I also add some additional information in bashrc to let apt use proxy . My computer is behind proxy server to go outside of networks.

alias weather=’curl’

Acquire::http::Proxy “”;
Acquire::https::Proxy “”;
Acquire::ftp::Proxy “”;
Acquire::socks::Proxy “”;

And I also installed lolcat (sudo apt install lolcat). and now the WSL terminal looks something like above. It looks much more pretty now 🙂

Delete Protected system fonts (Win 7, Win10)

After installed required fonts for our newly installed Win10 computer.
I found the command prompt will show some weird chars for back slash.
After done some google search and poke around, I found a solution. One of the windows fonts cause the problem
usually I could just simply delete it from font fonder..however when I was trying to delete that one.
It shows an error msg saying that font is “system protected….etc”
to delete system protected font we could simply delete the key value from Registry.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → Software → Microsoft → Windows NT → CurrentVersion → Fonts –> “(Font Name)”

in my case font name will be : msgothic.ttc, MS Gothic & MS UI Gothic & MS PGothic (TrueType)

After deleting the reg key and then restart the computer the cmd prompt is back to normal now 🙂

Ferris wheel for fun

一直想要學Arduino, 加上想要自己手作一份禮物給VIP,所以才有做這個”摩天輪” project的想法。
其實我也不知道為什麼偏偏要選一個自己的弱項做這份禮物。從小不太喜歡做勞作,手不巧:( 也沒有電子的概念。



八月時用arduino控制可程式的RGB LED燈(WS2812B 1m 60leds 5V 8A)
接好線路和把code upload到 Arduino後看到成果還滿順利的呈現,真的有種感動的感覺 哈哈哈哈哈哈

終於十月中某天晚上把結構做好,看過的朋友都還滿喜歡的。 話說轉動起來的感覺,真的還不錯 :):):)

今天晚上(2018-11-5)試試看用Arduino 來控制stepper motor 和同時控制RGB燈
改了一些CODE 整合起來再把power supply and data cable都接好,滿順利就達到想要的效果
(28BYJ-48 unipolar stepper motor + ULN2003 stepper motor driver board)

————–待續 2018-11-5—————————-