Turn off Windows 7 Admin share

my windows 7 system by default will share C$, D$. I would like to turn it off and just share the folder i would like to share
you can modify reg key to turn off default admin share

Add the following reg key will disable default admin share



PS D:\> net share

Share name   Resource                        Remark

IPC$                                         Remote IPC
share_public D:\share_public
The command completed successfully.

Outlook Crash USP10.dll

Few days ago I got an user reporting his outlook keep crashing on start up.
even with safe mode.

The screenshot:

After doing some research and help from my co-worker.
It is a bug, and will have to remove some Chinese fonts like 全真楷書

so simply remove \\computer\c$\Windows\Fonts\AVKV.TTF and \\computer\c$\Windows\Fonts\AVKV_0.TTF
and ask user to restart the computer … problem fixed 🙂